Everyone loves Dav Pilkey's CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!

Kids Say ...

“I think it is a really good book! It was worth the wait! It is outstanding!”—Lauren, 10, North Carolina

“I thought the book was incredible!”—Jonah, 10, New York

“It’s hilarious, dramatic and there’s always a surprise around the corner.”—Donald, 9, California

Critics Say ...

“Pilkey is a huge hit among the elementary school set—or those who parent, teach or otherwise come into contact with such children.”—Los Angeles Times

“Perfect for young readers … Slyly intelligent.”—Slate

“A triumph of irreverence.”—Newsweek

“Combines empowerment and empathy with age-appropriate humor and action.”—Booklist

“A graphic hybrid series that continues not just to push the envelope, but tear it to shreds.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Full of puns, rhymes, and nonsense along with enough revenge and wish fulfillment for every downtrodden fun-seeking kid who never wanted to read a book … Hooray for Captain Underpants! Watch him fly off your shelves.”—School Library Journal

Parents and Bloggers Say …

“I LOVE that my child loves to read thanks to this series ... it’s what interests little boys and has ignited my son’s love for reading so I love Dav Pilkey!”—Jessica Shepherd, MySillyMonkeys.com

“Not only was the book entertaining for [my son], but I enjoyed it as well!”—Tina Seitzinger, BabyCenter.com

“Books like Captain Underpants give kids a way to flex their imaginations, to explore new ideas, and to be entertained at the same time.”—Nikki Etolen, PrettyOpinionated.com

Further Praise

Praise for Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants series